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This Is What Happens To The Human Body If It Dies in Space

Space is one of the hopes for life in the future, because various developments in science and technology are now heading into space.

Moreover, now Elon Musk wants to develop space travel for recreational purposes and the direction of civil exploration will be higher there.

At the latest in 2040, humans must have explored Mars.

But the question is, what is the condition of the body if we die in space?

According to NASA records quoted by PopSci, only 18 people have ever died in space. However, the figure is quite high considering that only a few people have ever trampled in space.

Answering this question, Chris Hadfield, former ISS commander said, the most dangerous potential is when spacewalk, or walking outside the plane, and this is commonly done. A little mistake in the procedure, life is at stake.

Even with the correct procedure, a small meteorite can tear astronaut's outerwear that provides oxygen and protection from extreme temperatures.

Risk of Death

If exposed, in just 10 seconds water on our skin and blood will evaporate.

Instead, the body will fill with nitrogen which when dissolved in the skin will form bubbles that will immediately blow us up.

In 15 seconds, our consciousness is gone and within 30 seconds the lungs are no longer functioning and the body is paralyzed.

Long before that, our body has become a body due to shortness of breath and decompression, while the body freezes because body heat is lost in the vacuum.

Handling of Bodies in Space

NASA itself is said not to have a policy about corpses in space.

However, Hadfield revealed that the ISS training gave a little picture to deal with space corpses.

When our bodies die in space, the body will be handled biohazardly, so that the body will be put on pressurized clothing and stored in a cool place to return to Earth.