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The Increasingly Unsuitable Duck Motorcycle

Once in the village of Cibebek, there was a big party duck contest. The man in his black pajamas with a gray safari shirt bubbled excitedly on the stage. The crowd was very excited to hear Torro Margens' speech about the demolition of ducks. In the middle of the crowd, Deddy Mizwar and Didi Petet seemed to be alarmed. Indeed, a flash of motorcycle driving comedian Komeng devastated the scene and threw a ragged look on the face of the unknown crowd. Deddy and Didi, struck by the ruins of the scene, were stunned against each other. "Tuh, the most stubborn duck," said Didi Petet, pointing to

One of the pieces in the duck motorcycle advertising series over the last 12 years has been to illustrate the charm of an efficient, agile and reliable duck bike. This advertisement was launched by one of the motorcycle manufacturers carrying the slogan "The first." The prestige of the duck bike was also strong in the minds of Indonesian consumers with the presence of comedian Mandra with his motorcycle "Ngacir" in the 1990s. It could be said that 10 years ago, the duck bike was the king of the motorcycle market in Indonesia.

Now the condition is opposite to 180 degrees. The duck engine is now in a "back" position. Their market share is completely eroded by automatic motorcycles.

The duck bike market or better known as "underbone" or "cub", has begun to show signs of deterioration for a decade and its peak in 2017.

At its peak in 2004, the market share of the duck bike had reached 90.87%. At that time, motorsport could only gain 8.73% of the market and the scooter, at that time, controlled only 0.35%. The presence of scooter motorcycles manufactured by Kymco and Yamaha Nouvo has not yet had room, considered identical to the users. The 2007-2008 period, the threats began to be felt after the release of the Mio by Yamaha. Yamaha's first skutik managed to grab the attention of consumers and immediately exploded.

An important step was taken in 2010, when the market share of scooters reached 49.01%, which almost reversed the market for the duck bike, which had fallen to 50.85%. In 2017, the duck bike really can not move with scooter engines. Notes from the Indonesian Association of Motorcycle Industry (AISI) from January to June 2017, of the 2.8 million motorcycles distributed by manufacturers, the duck bike represents only 9.24% of the cake, or far behind the sports bike whose market grows 10.7% because the new model is accompanied by a touch of new technology. The king of the scooter managed to reach the market of 80.06%.

Technology and a product have a final period.

This principle is no exception for the duck bike. Excellence with a high ground clearance, insufficient to meet the demands of consumers who are now looking for comfort and practicality.

At the beginning of its appearance, scooters were indeed ravaged by fuel problems that were more wasteful than the cheaper duck bikes. However, since 2010, motorcycle manufacturers have begun to incorporate injection technology that makes the fuel consumption of scooters much more economical. The question of driving comfort is indeed a determining factor in the failure of a duck bike.