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The fierce Gulen match versus Erdogan on the Green Field

In Turkey, the story really took place at that time, through a fierce match between two camps named Tim Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Fethullah Gulen team. This conflict really happened on the green field.

Earlier this month, a shocking news came from Turkey when the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) fired 105 of its employees, referees and match equipment included. The World Cup referee, Ceuneyt Cakir, is a great name removed from his post. The dismissal was based on accusations of involvement in the support organization Fethullah Gulen, allegedly behind the failed coup d'etat on 15 July.

The news came when the Turkish government founded Hakan Sukur, the legend of Turkish football as the most wanted fugitive in the country. Sukur, who brought Turkey to third place in the 2002 World Cup, was allegedly involved in a failed coup. Sukur is known as Gulenist and is currently believed to have fled to the United States.

Last July, Sukur was tried for insulting Erdogan on Twitter social networks. He is known against Erdogan, especially after the government's efforts to suppress Gulenist's activities in the education sector. Sukur, just like Gulen, who had made a career with Erdogan. He was elected a member of Erdogan's Party of Justice and Unity (AKP). However, after relations between Gulen and Erdogan warmed up, Sukur withdrew with his mother.

Erdogan's duel against Gulen at Fenerbahce

Gulen's quarrel with Erdogan in the world of football does not happen this time. The kickoff of this fight began in 2011, when the two men decided to divorce and met each other. In 2011, a big scandal was revealed on the determination of scores in Turkish football.

Two big clubs are involved, namely Besiktas and Fenerbahce. More than 90 people have been registered, including Besiktas Vice President Serden Adali and President Fenerbahce Aziz Yildirim.

The disclosure of this case could not be separated from the police and courtroom warfare until the suspect was sent to prison. Everyone knows that there are many Gulen followers in these two institutions. Both institutions also uncovered Erdogan's corruption record over the next two years, which affected Erdogan's redesign and clean-up.

Fenerbahce is one of the teams that has suffered the most from the disclosure of this case. The leader, Aziz Yildirim, was sentenced to six years in prison by the court. Yildirim is considered the most powerful and charismatic person in Turkey. He is a successful businessman with nine companies in various sectors: construction, defense, maritime trade, tourism, cement and livestock. Many argue that this investigation is actually a political operation to get rid of him. Yildirim is known to be close to Erdogan.

There are three biggest clubs in Turkey: Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce.

All three are from Istanbul but represent different entities. Besiktas was considered to represent the nobles, Galatasaray was perceived as an aristocratic team and Fenerbahce was considered a broader class representation of society. Nearly 37% of the Turkish population are fans.

With wider support, Fenerbahce established intimate relationships with all leaders, from the founding father Mustafa Kemal Attaturk to Erdogan declaring himself a fan of Fenerbahce. Since taking office in 2002, the AKP has had close relations with Fenerbahce.

Sentenced to six years in prison against Yildirim, fans of Fenerbahce growled. They suspect it is a weakening caused by Gulen's group until he finally takes control of Fenerbahce. Irregularities were revealed by biased evidence, similar to the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer cases, which arrested dozens of military generals accused of coup d'├ętat.