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Apple officially sells its used iPhone

Apple has officially announced that it sells refurbished products (used second-hand devices). Of course, with more affordable prices.

For example, the price of the iPhone X 64 GB, originally launched in 2017, was 999 US dollars.

But now, Apple sells refurbished products with the same model worth $ 769, while the iPhone X 256 GB is now selling at 12.5 million Rp.
Tech Radar reported that Apple claims that the cell phone used has passed the Feasibility Test and is being repackaged. For after-sales services, Apple offers a one-year warranty to its customers.

Apple also said that official spare parts and the company's warranty were two advantages that unofficial parties that sell used iPhones do not possess.

This recycled version of the unit is marketed in a version with a storage capacity of 64 GB of internal storage and without grouping with any mobile operator.

This price offer is seen as positioning the recycled version of the iPhone X as a competitor of the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR seems superior thanks to the support of the A12 chipset, and is equipped with a larger LCD screen than the AMOLED panel that powers the iPhone X.

The similarity between the iPhone X and the iPhone XR lies in the support of the rear camera, with two objectives. This iPhone X recycling unit has been re-inspected, tested, cleaned and packaged, and has received Apple certification.

This version of the packaging box also comes with a new box with guides and accessories, as well as a new battery and a new chassis. All these things have been presented by Apple in order to give a new impression to this recycled iPhone X.

Nevertheless, the price set by Apple for the used mobile phone is still available in the market of high-end mobile phones based on Android.