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Manchester Derby Hot Game

For the industry to work, something must be exaggerated to refine sales. The conflict must be complicated, sprinkled with spices. Long quarrels need intrigue and drama. Opera soap.

If in the past, the Premier League could only be amazed to see the match El-Clasico in the Spanish Liga, so majestic and rich in intrigues, the Derby Manchester now offers the same thing. If in the past, the English League only offered a show, Wayne Bridge greet John Terry because of an affair or that Patricce Evra salutes Luiz Suarez because of his racist remarks, there are now a number of dramas more important and interesting because they are more related to football, but always with aromas.

The first Manchester Derby of the 2016/17 season, which will take place in a few hours, offers everything needed to be watched by billions of people. The heat has been blowing hard on the Internet for two weeks. Review of the historic rivalries of both clubs, Mancheseter United and Manchester City, of the eternal rivalry of the two most influential coaches in the world, Joseph "Pep" Guardiola and Jose Mourinho, personal affairs to the philosophy of football, and unleashes other such eruptions as the anger of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Spearhead United, to Pep.

The mouth of the crazy ball is gaping, drooling, can not wait until the tantalizing dough is ovate and taste the results.

"As a coach, Pep is fantastic," Zlatan said. "As a person, I can not comment - it's a different thing, he's not a real man, I can not say anything else."

Because of Zlatan's revenge, he spent many pages of his phenomenal book, I'm Zlatan Ibrahimovic, reprimanding the Catalan coach. A year of solidarity in Barcelona left a deep wound to Zlatan. At first, he was so excited when he joined Pep at the start of the 2009 season.

At first, Zlatan was so excited about becoming a Pep coach. Imagined by the nostalgia and philosophy of Ajax Amsterdam, he inherited the same game system from a legend named Johan Cruyff.

"All the owners are delighted," Zlatan said at the time. "They do not seem to have any weaknesses or anything like that, [Lionel] Messi, Xavi [Alonso], [Andres] Iniesta, [Gerard] Spades, [Corlos] Puyol, etc. It feels like a PlayStation game and it that I can do everything I want on the ground ".

But the honeymoon was short. Zlatan lasts only one season in Catalan. Even in recent months, her relationship with the coach has deteriorated.

Zlatan believes Pep does not maximize his potential as one of the best bombers in the world. Because Pep has chosen to favor Messi as the center of the Barca game.

"When you buy me, you buy a Ferrari, if you drive a Ferrari, you load premium gasoline in the tank, you drive and you take the highway.Guardiola uses a diesel engine and chooses to walk to the He should buy Fiat, "wrote Zlatan in his book.

"Jose Mourinho is the opposite of Guardiola If Mourinho animated the locker room, Guardiola would prefer to close the curtain," he added.

Between Pep and Mou, since the start of the academic year, the communication between the two has mainly been in the form of diplomacy, adolescence and a reduction of tensions between the two. Their gesture so far is a friendly gesture, far from rivalry. But in reality, the meeting of the two was never really intimate, there were always brushes, elbows and mutual desires to destroy each other.

All eyes are waiting for what will happen when the long hissing sounds. How do you shake hands. Regardless of the outcome, many hope the new episode of hostilities will begin tonight, the war drums will be beaten again. Media, fans, observers and all hooray teams around the world are preparing to watch the drama that follows.