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The fate of Artificial Intelligence Technology in SEA

A scene in Mountain View, California, United States (US) in May was enlivened by the sound of admiration. Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Google, seemed passionate and presented a new AI service from his company that amazed the public.

What Pichai showed on the big screen on the stage was a brief conversation between the two women, one is an employee of the show, the other is the customer who wants to order a time slot for services in advance.

At first glance, there was nothing strange, the conversation for about 55 seconds seemed natural, as if it were the daily conversations that take place between customers and salon employees.

Only what really happened was not. The customer is a Google assistant who now uses artificial intelligence technology called Duplex, while the salon employee is a real human being.

The wizard's answer seems very "human", showing how Google's artificial intelligence technology is getting close to the old limits, as if it were hard to reach through technology. When the salon employee asks Duplex to wait for a moment because it checks the empty program, for example, Duplex responds flexibly with the response "Mm-hmm" as the general human response. Suddenly, the laughter of the audience was completed.

With Duplex, users can now book a table in a restaurant that does not yet have the right digital technology for online orders, or answer incoming calls when a meeting is held while recording the message that the caller wants. transmit, like having a personal assistant.

In November, a number of people in Uncle Sam's country who own Pixel smartphones made by Google began to taste the way this technology works. Indonesia, unfortunately, still can not feel the sophistication of Google's technology, considering that Pixel is not sold officially in this country.

However, Amnesty International itself has begun to penetrate the lives of Indonesians, consciously or not.

AI in Indonesia

Indonesia's AI technology, seen with precision, is not far from the palm of the hand and is showing promising growth, even if it has not yet reached levels such as in the United States or Canada. China. This was recognized by the CEO of Kata.ai Irzan Raditya.

He revealed that the development and adoption of AI technology in Indonesia has not been as fast as in both countries, especially in China.

"China is experiencing massive growth, especially if we watch the movements of Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu," said Irzan on Wednesday (11/5). For the record, Kata.ai is an AI technology startup that focuses on chatbot and natural language processing.

He gave an example, the application of AI in China was at a stage where technology was integrated into the community.

When he wanted to go shopping in fast-food restaurants, he added, the Chinese did not need to issue smartphones to make transactions because the restaurant already knew who the potential buyers were. and the balance they had only by scanning their camera.

"If we are now likely to be excited about the QR code with electronic payment ... in China it was 8 years ago," said Irzan. "The Chinese government is very encouraging, memory, growth of the AI."

In Indonesia, AI does not have the complexity as in China. An application of this technology, however, has been felt in simpler forms, especially via chatbot technology, which is often found in instant messaging applications such as Line, Telegram or Whatsapp.

Chatbot is a computer program designed to stimulate conversations with human users on a platform in the form of text or audio.